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Social Media has given businesses an unimaginable opportunity to easily connect with people all over the world; small and large businesses alike  are able to expand their marketing all over the world.

At The Mutual Growth, we foster traditional in-person marketing strategies as well. Our business coaches consult on how to develop face-to-face connections with consumers, business partners or influencers that takes you beyond the fickle relationships that are built online.

When I was in high school, I read the book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It is one of the most crucial marketing books ever released and every so often, I refer back to it as a reminder of how my businesses developed and maintained success. One glaring observation, even through challenging times, is the power of genuine relationships—ones that are built while the two individuals are in the same room. When you build these relationships, you build trust, loyalty and pure sincerity that cannot be forged online. 

While the internet has removed borders and connected people all over the world, it has curiously brought in another phenomenon: We are so disconnected that even phone calls are rare. Establishing a reliable marketing strategy is the task of every business person. Figuring out that formula is key to successfully landing customers. But your end goal should be to turn them into lifelong patrons. Statistics show that prospects are converted to clients after somewhere between nine and fifteen developing points.

I find it challenging to stay connected to all my business partners, colleagues and clients each day. There are only so many times you can call, text or email. Adding an “offline” connection only creates a stronger connection and a marketing strategy stronger.

Offline and online relationships are not an “either/or” situation. They work together and complement each other. 

The key is to always connect it all back to your digital content strategy. 

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Social media has made it possible for businesses to quickly engage with individuals around the world.

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