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Developing a brokering division in your accounting practice:

Developing a strategy to have a brokering division revolves around having a clear idea of what an your firm's clients expect to gain from making an acquisition or deciding to sell – what their business purpose is for acquiring the target company (e.g., expand product lines or gain access to new markets) or deciding to sell (e.g., retirement or other investments).

MG develops these divisions of a practice to focus on growth within the firm; to benefit growth with their clients, develop our own growth and to mutually benefit all parties. Here's what we offer:

• Meet each client and determine goals and strategy along with the accounting consultant.

Set the search criteria – Determining the key criteria for identifying potential target companies, buyers, investors (e.g., profit margins, geographic location, or customer base).

• Search for potential targets, develop the marketing materials, content and listing sites. We utilize identified search criteria & database to look for and then evaluate potential target companies, investors, buyers.

• Begin sale or acquisition planning.

• Work with accountant consultant to perform valuation analysis.

• Negotiations. We obtain sufficient information to enable and construct a reasonable offer. Once the initial offer has been presented, the two companies can negotiate terms in more detail.

• Due diligence – Due diligence is an exhaustive process that begins when the offer has been accepted; due diligence aims to confirm or correct the assessment of the value of the target company by conducting a detailed examination and analysis of every aspect of the target company’s operations.

• Executing a final contract for sale; the parties will make a final decision on the type of purchase agreement, whether it is to be an asset purchase or share purchase.

• Financing strategy for the sale or acquisition.

Experience equips us to scale our services to fit both the client and the transaction optimally.

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Developing a strategy to have a brokering division revolves around having a clear idea of what your firm's clients expect. Meet each client and determine goals and strategy.

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