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Gena Ann's Smart Tips For Product Launching

You've created the killer product that will change the world. Now you need people to buy it. MG Strategist, Gena Ann Joseph gives her quick tips for launching.

• 1. Find your core audience. Whether you’re creating the new iPhone or a cupcake stand, find and learn from your core audience. Establish your base and build their confidence in you.

• 2. Get advice and listen. Most friends will be your biggest cheerleaders, but that doesn’t mean they’re helping. They need to poke holes in your ideas, which you can fix before taking a product to market. Resist the urge to be defensive. And use the opportunity to strengthen your product.

• 3. Learn from others. There are no more original ideas, just repurposed ones. As you prepare to market your idea, examine your competitors. Take from their good, learn from their bad, and enhance what needs to be improved. Then put your spin on it.

• 4. Be smart about publicity. You no longer need traditional media to drive ideas, products or messages. Don’t get caught up in creating a PR budget if it won’t drive core business. Instead, spend your time creating messages to buyers.

• 5. Analyzing, conditioning and cultivating your social media audience is critical. Always pushing them to "buy" creates fatigue, making them feel like a number. Build a relationship with your audience at least three months in advance so they can learn your tone and rhythms. Then seek ways for them to interact with your product.

• 6. For all your analysis, don’t forget to rely on "feel." Entrepreneurs are risk takers with unwavering belief. Don’t abandon that now that you’re moments away from the launch.

•7. Hire professionals for help. Don't waste time and money making mistakes. Successful business consultants can save a lot of heartache but be smart and spend wisely on the right fit for your product or service.

• 8. Don't give up.

Most importantly, use resources available supported by innovation. Resist the urge to spend, spend, spend.

Gena Ann Joseph has owned several businesses for the past decade. She's is a founding member of Wine & Wealth for Women, philanthropist and owner of Caring Heart Agency. She is also a partner at Bee Well Consultants.

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These tips are helpful for me, specially this one "Learn from others. There are no more original ideas, just repurposed ones"

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