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Grow A Successful Business & Spend The Least Amount of Money Doing It

Here are some MG Tips on growing a successful business. When clients hire us for business growth, we offer steps and directions that they can manage right away. We offer our clients the ability to grow with Mutual Growth without having to research, test or otherwise delay implementing. We also look for ways to spend the least amount of money with the highest return. That's why we've built a team of 7 brokers who have knowledge, professionalism and have a proven track record.

With these tips we're we want you to not understand that we are not hesitate to contact us if you want more information or help implementing them—these days we all have to work together...mutually.

• Bill faster. Your receivables can count for 40—50 percent of your actual assets. Don’t batch invoice: bill as soon as you can.

• Get your business and your web site listed in relevant directories. To find directories, Google the name of your town plus directories url. We suggest: Google Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Synup, BrightLocal, Thrivehive and more.

• Learn to delegate. Figure out what you do that turns dollars. Then delegate the rest.

• Encourage employees to explore more efficient approaches to their tasks instead of relying on their standard way of doing things.

• Don’t forget suppliers. They might not be on your payroll, but they are more apt to do a few things for you at no charge because you really take care of them. They're also a great resource for marketing, promoting and getting business.

• Work faster. If you can condense three four-month jobs into three three-month jobs, you can do one more job in the year.

• Reward your team for meeting budgets and time lines. A 5 percent bonus is cheaper than a 20 percent increase in costs.

• Cut overhead by automating most of the non-producing items like accounting, customer care, voice mail, sales reporting, ordering and record keeping.

• Make sure you’ve clearly outlined project scope, and don’t be afraid to charge your customer for changes.

• Offer to be a spokesperson on your specialty when your local media need an expert opinion. Send them a relevant press release every month. Local HIA's and community organizations offer monthly newsletters you can submit free of charge. Mutual Growth Brokers can help develop content and submit it for you.

• Give something valuable away on your web site; at your front counter; when you send out your invoices; when you deliver goods. This should be free to you, but valuable to the recipient, for example, coupons or a “how to".

• Highlight offers, features, promotions and news in your email footers, invoices and letter signatures. Mutual Growth has templates you can use.

• Start social accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and post articles. Mutual Growth can handle these pages for you, build followers and create content.

• Go where your audience is on the web. If your potential audience hangs out on forums, then post to those forums. Become a trusted advisor.

•Get your supporters to refer you. Check out our Business Networks, Lawyer to Lawyer Network and Real Estate Resources to learn more about how referrals can build business.

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