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Investors for Small Businesses

Taking a small business to the next mode takes capital. And a lot of it. Although small businesses do have options for funding, it’s admittedly difficult to get a hold of the money you need to go big without a substantial financial track record. Some new small businesses also don’t want to take on too much debt early on, and would rather give up equity to small business investors. If you find yourself evaluating this, you’re probably wondering how to find investors for your small business. 

The Mutual Growth can help a small business connect with investors all over the country and they're looking for opportunities to fund worthy new businesses. An interesting fact is that 63% of angel investors live outside New York, Boston, and Silicon Valley.

If you have questions about investors, partnerships or are just curious about how to find investors, we can help. We’ll go through important things to know as you start your search, how to find investors in your sector, and what to expect when you connect with them.

We'll guide you through the process and help you to understand what options are best for your growth including:

Angel Funding vs. Seed Funding

• Accredited Investors vs. Non-Accredited Investors

• Equity vs. Convertible Note vs. SAFE Note

• Individuals vs. Groups or Syndicates

Call us to find out more about how we can help your business growth. 631.913.8186 or email:

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