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Networking: An Oversight

An often overlooked part of every small business is networking, and I do not mean the computer kind.  At the core of every small business is one primary goal and that would be to make a profit, and we all get that. The second often maligned goal is growth. 

Growth can mean many things to many people but alas in the end growth equals profit, and we all like profits. One component of the many-faceted term growth is networking. After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is go out a schmooze with a bunch of other exhausted folks after a hard day which is why networking is so often overlooked. There are two reasons for networking 1. your community needs you. 2. you need your community.

As a small business owner, you're the backbone of your communities economy! Without you, the city would roll up the streets and shut down which makes you special, very special! As your business grows so does your community's economy which generates tax revenue that funds the local government which provides service such as first responders, education, public works, and education. The second part of this equation for your business to grow which will increase profits you need opportunity.  It is rare in life that opportunity will fall into your lap. To take advantage of the opportunity, you first must be engaged in your community with your potential customers.  Customers come in all stripes, individuals, other businesses and government. Promotion via traditional mediums as well as social media is essential parts of any growth strategy.

The Mutual Growth Co. has the key people to help generate public awareness and branding. We have media & communications experts who are seasoned brand developers. At MG, we know how critical it is to get out there and champion your brand.

But how to do that is the question and the answer is simple you probably are already doing it. First, join your local chamber of commerce. Second is to join your local trade organization. After that sponsor, a little league team, join the Kiwanis, Moose lodge, Volunteer Fire Department and so on you get the drift. Lastly, be generous and do not be flashy about it as good deeds do not go unnoticed. 

Just a little networking will o[pen a world of opportunities to grow your business in a fun, good way that roots your business into the fabric of the community you and your staff serve and reside.  Good luck and get networking, and you can always give me a call (631) 324-0648 or email me at for suggestions and other networking tips.

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For different people, growth might mean different things, but ultimately, growth equals profit, and we all prefer profits.

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